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Security with FinTech. 



As a client of West Ridge Escrow, you are able to monitor your Escrow Transaction at all times through our industry leading platform. 

We have completely removed human error from the escrow process, functioning on an automated algorithum system. 

No Human Error. 

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Do you have a passion for Financial Technology? Are you a professional such as an accountant or a lawyer? If so, you might be a great fit to our team. Reach out, and find out!

Strategic Partnership

Excelence in Escrow.

We are a Global Escrow Firm that focuses on complex financial transactions, and escrow is all that we do. 

Our Security. 

West Ridge Escrow takes the security of its clients' funds seriously, employing multiple layers of protection to ensure the safety and integrity of all accounts. One key aspect of this security is the use of Interest on Lawyers' Trust Accounts (IOLTA) and comprehensive insurance coverage.

IOLTA is a program that enables attorneys and escrow companies like West Ridge Escrow to pool client funds into interest-bearing accounts. The interest generated from these accounts is then used to support legal aid and other public service programs. Importantly, West Ridge Escrow ensures that these IOLTA accounts comply with all applicable regulations and guidelines, demonstrating a commitment to ethical and responsible financial management. 

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