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West Ridge Escrow.

Working at
West Ridge

Working at West Ridge is exciting, its a fast paced environment with room for advancement. 

West Ridge only hires professionals. Professionals that are fully licensed and capable of dealing with complex transactions without large oversight. 

Remote work is always a possibility.  


West Ridge is constantly at the forefront of advancing technology in the financial services industry. We offer the best in class interface for users on the market.

As we only hire professionals, you will have great leeway to transactional management and completion, as long as company procedures are followed. 


If you are a licensed attorney or accountant, and have a passion for engineered financial products and services, then you might be a good fit for West Ridge.  

Two smart dressed men work in an open space

for Professionals

Professionals must be accredited. 

They must maintain licensing. 

Insurance is not required, as West Ridge will cover the cost in most cases. 

Bi-lingual applicants are always given priority. 

for Students

West Ridge allows University students studying law or accounting  to shadow a professional. If this is something you are interested in, students are encouraged to speak with their career center to see if West Ridge already has a relationship with your school. 

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